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Job Opportunities

First of all thank you for your interest in being part of the SLS Team. I would like to assist you in your search for work by giving you some useful information about working in Norway.



Unfortunately, there are no available positions at the moment.


Here you can find our latest news regarding, class schedules, new courses, mingle activities and much more.

Students Taking Note


January 22, 2019

During 2019 only individual one-on-one and semi-private instruction (max. 3 students) will be offered. The aim is to offer regular group instruction in Autumn 2019 (max.8 students). If you are interested in group sessions ( 8 students max.) Click on the link below.


January 22, 2019

-Dont be shy! Take all and every opportunity to practice what you have learned. Remember everyone was a beginner at some point when they started studying a new language.

-Go beyond .Search for new words and expressions aside from what you've learned in class. 

-Apps. It's always a good idea to complement the lessons with language applications. You can find several good ones for free!

-Movies. Do you have a favorite movie? Watch it with subtitles in English to help you develop your listening skills.

-Music. Look up your favorite songs so you can understand every part of the song. You will also learn new popular every day language and expressions.

Student Writing
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