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Oslo, Norway

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Felix Robles

MRO Corporation

"Studying English with teacher Haydee was a life-changing experience. I started as a very shy student with no confidence and almost no English knowledge; 1 year Iater I was able to use all I have learned to pursue a professional career at a MRO Corporation, in an English- speaking environment. I am confident about my English speaking skills more than ever because the classes I took were dynamic, very intuitive and joyful, and I am very thankful for that. Highly recommended!"

"Jeg var elev hos Haydee over en periode for å lære spansk fra grunnen av! I tillegg til å være en veldig hyggelig og imøtekommende person er hun ekstrem dyktig i sitt arbeid! Hun opptrer ryddig og organisert og har en unik evne til å lære bort! Vil anbefale henne på det varmeste!"